Top Marketing Skills to put on a Resume in 2021
Top Marketing Skills to put on a Resume in 2021

To move forward and earn well, one should learn to understand that growth and comfort don’t coexist. Before you get yourself a good job, you should have a good resume in hand. One of the most influential businesswomen, Leah Busque, quotes, “I have never thought of myself as a female engineer, or founder, or a woman in tech. I think of myself as someone passionate.”

Since the modern world is all about establishing your own business, you need to have a firm grip on the marketing skills. Here are some of the most important marketing skills to put on a resume:

Video and audio production

Technology has rapidly transformed the marketing industry. Video and audio marketing are fast becoming the most powerful content marketing format. 87% of businesses are now using video for marketing. Most companies now are looking for people who can implement video marketing strategies to promote their business.

Digital psychology

When you can compel and persuade the subconscious mind to better examine the online behaviors through online touchpoints, it is super powerful for digital marketing. Could you include it in your resume? You can visit the digital psychology website for further guidance.

Customer service

Gaining a solid customer experience marketing is crucial to staying at the top of your digital marketing game. Customer service has penetrated at all levels of the business operations. If you are good with customers, you are seen as a future asset. 

Content creation

Content is king, and even though it is 2021, content specialists are seen as a good resource. Every company needs content, whether it is on their website, newsletter, or tradeshow marketing material. If you can learn the art and tools to generate good quality content, you are the first in the line to get a marketing position.




digital marketing education
Why is Digital Marketing Education So Critical from 2021 to 2025?

Would it affect you if you were naive to the internet? The short answer is YES. Although you would still survive, that is not be considered a good ‘quality of life’. Thus digital marketing education is critical for your professional and personal success. Let’s talk more about it.

Today, many businesses are turning to the Internet to sell their services and goods. As the majority of the world is stuck indoors due to COVID-19, it’s natural to conclude that online business is growing. Marketing teams must begin learning new skills, as digital marketing education can pave the way to successfully tapping into the online market. If you’re digitally proficient, you can work remotely on multiple projects.

Why is Digital Marketing Education Important?

A lot of old strategies that have been the standard for many years are becoming obsolete, especially when it comes to the lockdown. Stubbornly sticking to old ways will never end well as competitors are adopting new strategies and marketing techniques that outclass older methods.

With the rise of eCommerce and online banking, almost everything is done online. Visitors are most likely never going to interact with a human when buying something online. This is also because AI customer service technology is getting popular. Many businesses using AI that their customers were more satisfied.

Does Data Analysis Matter?

Another aspect of digital marketing gaining popularity today is data analysis. While it might not have been as important in the past, it will be important from now on. Data analysis allows the online business to adapt according to customer feedback as well as creating tailor-made responses to returning and new customers.

Some industries are experiencing a boom in VR and AR technology integration. One example is the automotive industry, where potential customers can use VR to simulate driving a specific vehicle model. VR can also be a good way to tell stories that allow for more immersion than staring at a screen. By 2025, the VR market is likely to become a staple of digital marketing.

The Future of Digital Marketing Education

Digital marketing education will be very important from 2021 to 2025, as businesses start selling more online. By learning new technologies, businesses can sell more and perform better. These new technologies are game-changers for the next five years.

Download ebooks related to digital marketing here.


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Advantages of digital marketing agencies for your business

Although we have gone a long way in digital marketing, some entrepreneurs still question its usefulness for their business. Business owner’s significant concerns include:

  • “Should we invest considerable sums in it?”
  • “What is the right amount to start with?”
  • “Is it worth it?”
  • “I can’t see what I am paying for,”
  • “I am not an expert in the field. Should I hire an agency?”

Next, the business owner has to decide whether he/she should hire an in-house team or outsource digital marketing to an agency. My answer to that would be biased, so I am listing down some practical benefits of digital marketing agencies and how business owners can use them to their advantage. 

Here goes:

  • They have diverse teams to achieve specific goals.
  • They are more accountable for producing results.
  • Overall, they cost you less as when you look at the scope of the services.
  • They don’t need training. Agencies are already experts in what they do.
  • Agencies are flexible and can efficiently work remotely as per your schedule.
  • All services under one roof.

Let me know what you think of these wondrous factors. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 


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