Karma, Kindness & Customer Management
Karma, Kindness & Customer Management

How kind do you want to be with your client or customer? Is there an ROI benchmark on the amount of sweetness you put in? If you are an agency owner, would you be willing to offer a free marketing service to get a lifetime word of mouth marketing from the customer? Would you be okay to clean a yard for your neighbor to make him friends for the rest of your life? Answers to all these questions depend on how you prioritize your goals and what you consider to be ‘true success.’ It also has to do with what you feel of humanity, Karma, and business culture.

I feel the role of Karma in business and customer management is more than we think. If you have ever been to a trade show, you might have seen booths offering free stuff to the visitors who stop by or sometimes who don’t even stop by. This is because businesses want to be remembered for something. That free item has a symbolic recall reference. This is also partly an appreciation of having good faith in business practices. In my personal experience of customer management over the years, I have literally seen karma taken over all logics.

With marketing getting digital, the ‘Karma-based sweetness’ transforms into a value-based digital appearance. Did you know 90% of the digital ads right now are sales pitchy? This, in my opinion, is absolutely a ‘crime’ in the world of modern relationship marketing. Digital marketing has gone one step ahead, and if you really want to get maximum advantage out of it, SOP SELLING and start educating your customers about your product/service. Follow the philosophy of being kind and generous when it comes to selling your services especially. As a marketing agency owner, here is my vision, which I love to share with my clients. We sell a service, not potatoes. When we take you on board, we take care of you, and you become family. Period. We don’t charge for small changes or anything that just pops up at the clients end. That’s one reason our relationship with clients’ have been great. We will go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is taken care of.

What makes you think that people are desperate enough to still engage with your sales-pitched social media ads. That’s very unkind. The digital consumer is the most literate out of all. According to research by HubSpot, 85% of the B2B customers will never talk to a salesperson on call before they had done their thorough internet research. How to deal with such well-informed customers? The only way to win customer’s hearts is kindness. It’s a win-win. If the customer does not buy your product/service, you get the psychic edge over to your next customer for being at a higher moral ground, which is always a victory and something that creates job satisfaction.

Your Kindness and benevolence with the customer will never make you feel low. It is a pride and is expressed through your body language for the rest of your lives.

Why hire a digital marketing agency?

Although we have gone a long way in the field of digital marketing, some new entrepreneurs still wonder if there is a need for digital marketing for there business? Should we invest huge sums in it? Is it worth it? We are sure that at some point in your life, as a marketer or a business owner, you already had or will encounter such questions. We understand how important it is for business owners to take benefit of all the valuable marketing tools and resources to reach their potential customers. Therefore, first, you need to know the advantages of digital marketing and how it convinces the audience you are targeting.

Top advantages of digital marketing

Cost-effectiveness: It is the utmost goal of the business owner or a marketer to get maximum output at a minimum cost. Digital marketing is less expensive as compared to other conventional marketing techniques. A good entrepreneur (like you) can use trackable advertising and campaign measuring tools to spend money where it’s worth the ROI.

Accessibility: Everyone is a social media crack nowadays. On a single swipe and scroll on your mobile/tablet, you can instantly switch from one platform to another. Instagram, facebook, twitter etc everything is in your pocket now. Mobile web view s now surpass the desktop web views. Seeing the attention of consumers, countless marketing opportunities are generated. You can easily use digital marketing to reach the target audience on the platform they exist.

Brand recognition: Who doesn’t want to widen brand recognition and improve on sales? Digital marketing enables you to set a high tone for your rand. Higher the brands feel and image better the conversion rate on the web.  Digital techniques specifically target the audience that makes online purchases. Cyber reputation expands the scope of your business and helps you reach more eyeballs in less money.

Graphics content: What will you prefer? Along geeky article or interesting content including video clips, photos, and Audio? Yes, you’re right! Digital marketing provides this opportunity to engage the audience through amazing infographic content. This not only makes your content look beautiful and also keeps your reader interested and curious about what’s ahead.

Direct interaction: One of the critical goals of a business is to interact promptly with the audience. Digital marketing helps you maintain an efficient connection with your consumer through text message, social media comments, rating & reviews, email automation, and blog posts etc. It shows what your social circle thinks about you and your work. It guides you regarding customer preferences and responses as well. Don’t forget to leave a good impression as this is where the game starts from!

Keeping track: Only interaction with a customer is not enough. You must keep a complete track and record of their undertakings as well. Keep an eye on their activities of what they enjoy and visit the most on the internet. this is sometimes referred to as ‘digital listening’. Observe the factors that influence their purchase. Watch carefully the type of ads and searches that attract them the most. 

Digital marketing has equally and increasingly become the norm for new business owners and serial entrepreneurs. Conventional marketers are benefiting a great deal out of it as well. If you want to make the best out of digital marketing to boost your business, we are always here to help you as well. Connect with a specialist here!





New Realities Of Digital Media

The digital advert dynamics have gone through a crazy flip flop. Have you ever imagined you could get free advertisement? Well, now you can. Social media publicity is a form of free advertisement. Not everyone is capable to redeem it though. If you are a crazy individual or extraordinarily smart and you do something out of the norm, you will be on the local news in no time. If you are a business then learn from Tesla who gets onto the media with zero spendings. They plan and strategize every technological move and make it to the mainstream and social media without spending a penny on the advertisement. The news media covers Tesla’s amazing inventions and it gets an unbelievable amount of free advertisement worth millions of dollars.

The new ‘virality’ phenomenon on social media has changed the way how individuals aim to get popular. It has become a whole new industry where thousands of talented individuals are spending hours every day to build up their social following on the web.

Why are they doing this? Is this worth it? How far will personal branding take them? There is no specific answer to these questions but over the years we have seen many success stories emerging just through social channels. Social media influencer marketing has converted into a multi-billion dollar sector. Web search is the first solution that comes to mind when we plan to search for someone. LinkedIn URLs have replaced the hard version of your resume. Your Gmail account is probably your most secretive identity right now.  All these perceptions are the new realities of digital media. This is where the attention is and this is where marketers should focus on.

Tackling Facebook’s Recent NewsFeed Algorithm

Social media marketers can’t ignore Facebook’s recent news feed algorithm changes. The shift in the algorithm policy is considered to put a major impact on how future content strategy will be designed by content publishers. According to Facebook, the new algorithms will shift content direction to be more meaningful and useful for the users. If you don’t plan to upgrade your publishing strategy, you will witness a decrease in post reach drastically. For businesses who use Facebook as a major source of referral traffic, need to come up with an immediate Plan B if they want to successfully move forward.

What would be the primary strategy? How could we tackle the new challenge of decreasing post reach and diminishing web traffic? I did some research and found out that Newship conducted a study over the top publishers in January 2018. According to the study:

“ the top 100 English-language posts from just publishers and brand Pages, we saw that in terms of total engagements (likes, shares, reactions, comments), 98 of the top 100 posts in January 2018 were native videos.”

Is this trend shocking? Well, it shouldn’t be. Facebook videos have shown a great deal of success over the years. Now with the new algorithm, videos are going to become more relevant than ever. From January 2017 to January 2018 we have seen a 13.1% increase in video postings by top publishers.

Stats tell us that engagement over video content is roughly 400% higher as compared to text. In 2018, getting these videos to be shorter and more outcome focused would be like hitting the nail on the head. Videos should be used as an inspirational tool rather than a selling tool. We do want our audience to click our ‘call to action’, but the 2018 user is very well aware of online selling tactics. He needs and deserves to be given some value before we ask him to ‘BUY’.

Videos are awesome but a mix and match of different posing styles should be seriously considered in 2018 to tackle the new algorithm. In the first month, we have already seen this as a priority for top publishers. Facebook spokespersons themselves recommended posting as much and different types of content, as possible, so that our followers get more chances to find the relevant piece.

Another way to tackle the new algorithm is to post ‘question’ based content. For example,” What are your favorite teeth whitening brands?” or “Who is going to watch Superbowl tonight?” These post would be considered more relevant to Facebook’s new algorithm and you will definitely notice a higher interaction rate on such posts.

Evaluating your posts is very important. If you are doing 30 posts a week, try evaluating which posts have obtained more engagement (likes, shares, reactions, comments) and which have just gotten impressions only. You can measure these stats from ‘Insights’ tab on the Facebook page. For example, see an insights page screenshot below-showing engagement proportions for different posts.We can clearly tell which posts are doing better than the others.

Once you know which type of posts are getting better hits than the other, try increasing your posting frequency for such types. It’s a gradual process of improving content quality. By the end of the month, you will realize “WHAT DOES YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE LOVE ABOUT YOUR BRAND.”

I believe Facebook is making all these changes in order to create more sense and relevance to the platform, which is better for all of us in the long run. As a Facebook content publisher, don’t worry much about the new algorithm. You will still be at the top if you continue to post sensibly and imply the right strategy. Follow the above tricks if you haven’t so far. Hopefully you will see better results.

Thank you for reading and inbox me know if you have any questions.

What Will Social Media Look Like in 2018?

Before the internet took over the economy, “marketing” used to mean spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a creative team, communications staff, and messaging. And that’s before the billboards, print ads, and TV spots necessary to get a brand in front consumer eye-balls. It was almost impossible to track your efforts and accurate ROI of marketing campaigns. Things have turned around dramatically in the last decade. Social Media has taken over the internet like a storm. In 2017 thousands of businesses entered the social media marketing stream and I bet the majority are happy with this decision. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, “Social media is the current state of the internet” and why not? This is where all the customer ‘attention’ lies.

At the end of every year, we make predictions about what will social media turn out to be in the next year. Some turn true and some surprise us. Based on the 7 years of my social media advertising business (Digital Maxima), I have the following predictions on how social media will evolve in the next 12 months. All business owners should read this because this might change their business growth forever.

Influential and Advocacy Marketing will be a growing trend in the next year. It has evolved a long way from 2016 since now. According to MediaKix influential marketing is heading to become a $5 to $10 billion market in the next 5 years. The reason behind is simple. It drives word of mouth on a much larger scale using the people whom common people listen to or follow. Finding the low-cost & large-following influencer in your industry will be a game changer for your business in 2018.

Online Shopping trend explains where the modern day consumer is going. Did you know that a record $6.59 billion was spent online on Cyber Monday last week, which made US history? The convenient shopping methods on Facebook and other social platforms are enabling more immersive shopping experiences for the consumers. The trust in buying an paying online is dominating more than ever. 41% of Baby Boomers and 28% of Seniors will click to purchase when they like something online. Get your products on the leading online retailers (Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart) today if you shockingly haven’t done it yet.

Voice search has been available to us for quite a while now. The trend is dominated by Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s personal assistant. People will start using these voice technologies more in 2018 because they really make things simple for you. Being a small business owner, Amazon, other online marketplaces, and ‘Google shopping’ will give you a good chance to get noticed through voice search.

High costs of Social Ads might be seen by the digital marketers. The economy 101 explains, ‘higher demand increases the prices’. Since social Ads have been working so well for businesses and individuals to market their services and products, the social ads might give us a higher CPC (cost-per-click) in the years to come. Although it won’t be a big shift in the pricing, it has to go up eventually. The social ads, however, will remain underpriced as compared to Adwords and Bing Ads.

Videos will continue to rule the social media platforms. The use of videos will become more diverse as well. A lot of awareness and reasons will prevail to educate your customers, do a daily Facebook Live, or update stories to keep the customer thinking about your product/service once a day, at least.

Followers on your social pages with being considered as your new equity. Numbers of fans will justify how well a product is rating. The importance of online reviews will crazily put an impact on your end sales. Marketers will start working on converting their followers to customers and customers to loyal customers. Social media is on the verge of becoming a perceptional battlefield. Take action on building the right perception without wasting a second.

These were some of the aspects of social marketing that marketers and small business owners have to keep in mind before entering 2018. The more you make your content relevant to the consumer, the better conversions you are going to produce. Spend good quality time listening to your consumer. This homework pays off!

Start Hustling With Gary Vaynerchuck!

All modern day marketers should know Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know him until this second, know him today by reading this article.

Commonly known as Garyvee, the New York bestseller author and host of the popular #AskGaryVee Show is no stranger to someone who lives in the binary world of digital media. Based in New York, he is actually all over the world. You won’t believe but one of his recent Vlog was shot in Ghana, Africa. He sure is a self-made businessman and a recognized smart investor, known for his famous social media trend forecasting but hates to be called a social media guru. His humble yet charismatic personality and the down to earth attitude sets him apart from his contemporaries. His dramatic energy level and outburst keynotes are admired all around the world. I call him ‘The Performer’.

The first time I heard about Gary Vaynerchuk was 2 years ago when my ex-boss and CEO of ‘Design Element’, Mr. Lucas Liu asked me to read Gary’s blogs and understand his vision for digital marketing. He believed this would help the company’s cause for building up a digital portfolio. I was no longer working in the same company as I had switched Jobs, but Gary Vaynerchuk traveled with me since than. I can’t say I have watched and read all of his Vlogs and blogs but I do try to follow him regularly. If you have a distorted career depression or a corporate decision confusion, Gary is your guy to listen to.

Gary is also the CEO at Vaynermedia, a $60 M high-end digital media agency. Gary has acted very smartly on the branding of the company. He is intelligently using his personal brand to save millions of marketing dollars for Vaynermedia. Gary travels all around the world, deliver keynotes, provide people with ‘free value’ and ideas, and in return gets silent recognition, authenticity, and publicity for his company. His ‘give give give and then ask’ agenda has changed the way how I used to think about customer service. Gary was one of the first few people to have a wine e-commerce store on the web in late 1990’s. And believe me, that was the time when having internet at home was not less than an achievement.

Why am I so crazy about Gary? Not because I want to work in Vaynernedia someday (Maybe) but because he helps me rectify my everyday business problems. Things I used to double think before are a matter of instance for me now. Secondly, he is as effective for new entrepreneurs like me as he is for experienced professionals who are having a hard time getting their numbers right or who want to make the most out of digital marketing. If you don’t know him yet, know him today and start HUSTLING today because he DAY TRADES ATTENTION!

The Recipe For Happiness!

The whole world is in the quest of happiness. Their means and perspective of happiness may be different but their goal is unified and that is to obtain ‘satisfaction’. What is interesting is how to identify a specified method of confirming the state of ‘happiness’. Some people might rightly object that is happiness a state, a moment or a continued thought process? I will give my perspective on this shortly. Also, I will try to keep this article as simple as possible to make sure the majority understands it and at some level it is helpful.

Anyone can get happy multiple times a day but he or she may not be able to segment or know what actually is generating the positive vibes. When the outside system syncs with your inside system, it creates satisfaction. We have named this feeling happiness. If you ask me in one line, YOUR happiness is defined by ‘YOU’. First, expound and analyze what you are and what personality characteristics constitute you. Every human is miraculously created differently. We can only deduct other peoples process of happiness to a certain level. Identifying your happiness traits is part of the self-actualization process and believe me, not many individuals go through this. Once you figure the cause and effects relationship behind your behavioral constituents, life becomes extremely simple and achieving satisfaction is like a piece of cake.

The recipe for happiness is about computing which parts of this vast universe complete us. Having all the amazing things in the world might not make you happy because all those fancy things might not be completing you. The process of deducting the right ‘happy elements‘ is a tremendously hard job. Once you do that at some point in life, pleasure moments turn into a snowball and they keep on rolling without any hassle.

One interesting relevance about the ‘recipe for happiness’ is that it keeps on changing with age and time. As we move on with life, we fight our impulses and our aspirations change. Likewise, standards of satisfaction also change. Note that the procedure of attaining happiness is never a fixed formula. It’s a sense of adapting to the changing needs of your personality and fulfilling yourself with the needs of your current time. As Jim Rohn says, “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present”.

It is impossible to predict happiness and it may not be accurate to judge its intensity from the events that already occurred in the past. The ‘black hole’ of the rapidly changing instances and unstable emotions will never let us settle on one deduction when it comes to happiness. Many internal and external factors of our lives play a role in establishing our personal ‘recipe for happiness’. How we feel, face, execute and interact with our surroundings on an everyday basis, actually sets the tone for how our thought structure would work and look like in the future. Be very cautious while you take the important decisions in life which may contribute to shape and de-shape your surrounding environment. This directly affects the unconscious constitution of your ‘recipe for happiness’.

The Rising Flaw in Influential Marketing

Influential marketing is a $2 billion industry now. Over the last decade, celebrities and popular social figures have groomed this industry a great deal. With deeper social media integration, nowadays the common man is also part of the influential marketing business as a ‘seller’. The ROI for influential marketing is much higher than other digital marketing investments. This is the primary reason brands and agencies are always in a search to find true and effective ‘influencers’ on multiple social platforms.

As we see rapid growth in the influential marketing segment, there has been an intruder which is hurting the credibility of the REAL influencers. Yes, you got it right; Bots and Scams. The emerging trend of buying profile followers and post likes can easily deceive the buyers. The ‘shout out’ you get will not reach the real followers as per your expectation. At the end of your campaign, the influencer would get away by just saying, “the audience wasn’t interested in your product, sorry, I tried”. You will definitely not trade with that influencer again but the influencer doesn’t care, He got his money and that’s what he wanted from a one time client.

You can easily buy 2000 to 10,000 followers for $20 to $200 worth of money using freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr. Many people new to the influencer marketing business are trying to reach shortcuts to followership using these techniques. One thing these influencers should remember is that their business will not last long term. You will soon get black listed on the platform and your account will be blocked.

The customer needs to be careful when they trade off a deal with social media influencers. There should be a way to verify the authenticity of a profile, its followers and post likes. One of the ideas which I have for this is to introduce the option for ‘verified influencer accounts’. There should be a strict consistency criteria if an account wants to become an influencer. We do have celebrity, organizational or public figured verified accounts option available on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If the social media platforms can establish an authenticated system for verified influencers, the fraud can be reduced. Also, this will boost the overall revenues of the social media marketing industry.

Why is the customer always right?

Why is the customer always right? We commonly hear this tantrum from our sales and customer service teams on a regular basis. Even if they don’t use these exact words, their behavior and excuses are self-explanatory of their thought process. I interpret the scenario in this way. The customer actually might not always be right, so do not always take this statement literally, rather sometimes it is just a symbolic statement. The sole purpose of this statement, ‘the customer is always right’, is to establish a sense of customer-ownership inside the customer service and sales teams.

Just like it is the organization who aligns itself with the pulse of the market, and not the market changing itself according to the organization. Same way it is the sales team who has to align itself as according to the pulse of the customer. It may be anti-egoistic but that is the only way to profitability. Flawlessness and consistency at customer service are two key factors that automatically help a company boost their customer loyalty. If we can train our sales and customer service departments to accept customer complaints as their born rights and take ownership of all the generated cases wholeheartedly, this actually might act as a competitor crushing strategy.

Professor Siegfried, a research professor in the Department of Management Sciences at Stanford University claims that it costs six to seven times more to gain new customers than retaining current customers. Smart organizations invest in securing the current customers rather than spending thousands of dollars on generating new ones. Millions of dollars spent on marketing can actually be reduced if we spend half of it on our customer service training. Preferences! Period!

Learn digital, digitally – A word for students.

Like many other digital marketers, I have not taken any formal internet marketing training. Although during my MBA we were theoretically taught what types of internet marketing channels exist. Surprisingly, it is never taught in our schools on how to configure Google Analytics or how to optimize certain demographics for Facebook ads. I do wonder why they do not teach us practical stuff like how ‘Optimizely’ can help us keep pace with your customers’ constantly changing behaviors or how to read social media insights from the analytic page of the social website. These are questions interviewers love to ask while hiring digital marketers. Hundreds of practical tools like these are our real digital assets which make us competitive and help in finding a job quicker than expected.

Remember that your college or school education is just a measure of how good you are at following instructions. You are taught a prescribed course material and your exams are based on different trick questions evaluated from that course. This is why I always feel that listening to the teachers is very important during the class. They might be saying something which is not of the course outline and can create a huge difference for your grooming vision and career. Did you know what matters even more than your course content and mentor’s lectures? It is your personal research and self-study that you do when you are not following instructions under academic pressure. Learn digitally, explore the internet and surprise your teachers with what you know of their subject. If Google is your best buddy you don’t need a friend at any age.