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Voice Search: SEO Strategies to Rank Better

Voice Search: SEO Strategies to Rank Better – “Leaving no stone unturned.” It is easy to miss, and its importance is often overlooked. Voice search SEO works in the same way as your ordinary (text-based search engine optimization); however, the cardinal difference is that it is the optimization of keywords/keyword phrases that are frequently used by people in search engines via the voice assistants. Over the years, the percentage of people who regularly make use of voice assistants to open up their desired results have increased.

From a coherent point of view, we can safely induce that this consistent increase is directly promotional to the increase in the significance of Voice search SEO. In the contemporary, whether it be marketers, bloggers, or public figures—they should pay heed to the growing impact of Voice search SEO for the sake of furthering the reach of their content/services. With that said, here are some of the most efficient SEO strategies to rank better!

How to conduct your own Voice Search SEO Keyword Research

The internet will perplex you by throwing a lot of intricate information at you. All regarding different techniques concerned with the Keyword/phrase researching of Voice search SEO. However, the simplest and most efficient way of generating reliable voice search SEO keywords is by imagining how you, yourself, have used sound assistants in the past. Think of how you have articulated questions and more to put forth your query. Keeping the tone realistic and simple is key. This approach is labelled as the Long-tail Keywords. The long-tail approach makes impressive strides by amplifying the search engine optimization for it. It is all about orbiting your strategy around, “conversational phrases.”


Slow Speed Webpage is a major Red Flag

Again, look within yourself for the answer. How often have you felt agitated by a particular website’s slow loading time and eventually decided to forsake it and click on the next best option? More than a little, right? Low-quality web pages are a serious red flag whose repercussions go unnoticed. Delayed loading of the text-based content of a webpage is one thing; however, delayed results through a voice assistant are even more nerve-wracking. A golden example of where the “slow and steady wins the race” quote is not applicable. Albeit there are handy tips and tricks to boost the speed of your website. It is highly recommended to hire a professional developer for tackling this dilemma.


Prioritize Mobile Phone Experience

The recent studies carried out on voice search SEO depict that as far as verbal search queries are concerned. They happen the most on our smartphone devices. Therefore, the emphasis should be on generating a user-friendly experience for mobile users. It is very odd to observe a person using voice assistant facilities on a desktop.


Construct a Page for FAQs

This takes us back to subheading number two on how to conduct your Voice search keyword/keyphrase research. In it, we discussed the essentiality of using question-like phrases and how It is imperative for an SEO good ranking. Just to maintain a conversational tone. FAQs pages shoot two birds with one stone. Since it tackles all five W’s (what, where, when, why, and who) and how? Now for example, if a person was to commit to a voice search and would ask a question, your FAQs page will detect it.


Winners are those who seize opportunities at the right given time. Overcome the competition in your niche today by prioritizing Voice Search SEO as much as ordinary SEO.

Chatbots have changed the scope of conversational markets

How have chatbots changed the scope of conversational markets? In today’s tech-thirsty world, none of us would want to go through the laborious task of sifting through one website after another, trying to get across our customer demands and needs. Chatbots have our backs when it comes to customer care and needs. They are artificial intelligence-based software designed specially to simulate human-like conversations! Chatbots are said to be man’s best friend after a dog! In today’s advanced and technological world, they have expedited the communication process between humans and have offered themselves as a side assistant to several thousand online businesses across the globe. Here are some striking reasons how chatbots have changed the scope of conversational markets.



Reason 1 – Efficiency and swiftness! 

Imagine opening a chatbot to one of your favorite book sites but having no one there to answer your queries or aid you as a customer? But fear no more! Chatbots are designed to meet customer needs in the most effective ways. When it comes to a speedy response, chatbots typically respond in under 10 seconds after a message is sent in the inbox. Chatbots are super swift and efficient in managing the bulk amount of customer messages.


Reason 2 – Time-saving and rapid sales 

In a world of cut-throat competition where millions of similar businesses offer the same or even better goods. Buyers rarely wait on time-consuming methods for purchasing goods. But businesses that have infused chatbot services in their inbox typically enjoy the benefits of quick sales of their product due to the fast-responding IA-powered software.


“To the user, chatbots seem to be “intelligent” due to their skills. However, Chatbots are only as intelligent as the underlying database?



Reason 3 – Lasting customer-friendly impression  

These chatbots are specifically designed with a natural language processor — NLP. The NLP allows the chatbot to grasp the meaning of the words and make sense of the messages sent by customers. Chatbots then simulate human-like and friendly conversations with the users. They typically are infused with natural and social terms like “Hello there” and “Hope your shop again!” Chatbots also name the users in their messages to create a  lasting customer experience 


Reason 4 – Growth of brands  

Every online business in the world wants to manage as many customers simultaneously. They also want to satisfy them, so chatbots are assigned this job instead of hiring too many employees to manage the everyday customer-conversation part. And they tend to deliver significant results in minutes! They also come with a nickname of “conversational catalysts.” After all, they help brands expand and grow because thousands of customers are dealt with by these quick chatbot services.


Reason 5 – Availability  

Wouldn’t we want a 24/7 service? Our needs usually pop up any time, whether day or night. But because of the chatbot service, we don’t have to wait for a specific time to post our queries.  We can send a message even late at night, and an FFR — fast and friendly response are guaranteed. Online statistics prove about 45.9% of all consumers are likely to prefer chatbots to aid them. And it is said about 1.4 billion people are engaging with chatbots daily.


5 Critical Mistakes Digital Marketing Agencies Are Making
5 Critical Mistakes Digital Marketing Agencies Are Making

During the ongoing health crises, all of us were stuck inside our homes for our and other’s safety. This gave room to a plethora of approaches to twist and turn in dynamics and conduct. While digital marketing was already pretty strong in practice, the pandemic allowed it to grow in a more primary environment. Since we rested home for a positive reason, internet usage grew, and so did the scope of digital marketing. Previously, companies struggling to embark on the digital bandwagon also ran their course and hired dedicated teams for the job. However, some critical aspects or mistakes are being made by Digital Marketing agencies that should be looked upon at all costs.

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The field of Digital Marketing is growing every day, with agencies gearing up for future startups and existing giants of the industry. Nonetheless, no matter how much you are ready for the future, there should always be room for improvement. We have compiled a list of critical mistakes made by Digital Marketing agencies that should be corrected at all costs to improve.

 Target Audience Malfunction

Living in the digital age has its own perks. You get to see insights and analytics in real-time statistics about your business’s progress online. However, not using the said information is misconduct on the agency’s part. One such error is devising a plan but not knowing your target audience. Even if you have a killer strategy with sources and assets bolstering the digital marketing campaign, it will fail because it is not set in the right decision. Henceforth, an agency must know their target audience, who they are aiming at, and who should consume their product or service.

Remarketing Mistake

Congratulations! You have successfully satisfied a customer, but it never ends here. Neglecting to remarket hurts as much as cost because the lead could have transformed into a potential conversion. Digital Marketing agencies are so occupied looking for the next big deal that the conversion is ignored or forgotten. Getting new leads is fine and dandy, but the opportunity to retain existing customers would also contribute a lot.

Website Design

In an attempt to be visually appealing, Digital Marketing agencies commit a mistake by making the website design complex. There are countless times that we have closed the Chrome window because the website was confusing. Sometimes the layout is off, and other times you cannot find the “Add to Cart” button because it is hidden somewhere. The main aim should be a positive and user-friendly experience for the customer we want to visit again for conversion. The valuable information should be straightforward and relevant. It should lead to a point where it convinces the customer to click the proceed button.

Extinct and Outdated Website Design Trends

Forgetting to Optimize for Mobile

Designing and optimizing your website for the web is crucial; however, not optimizing your website for mobile devices is critical. This is because many people tend to use their smartphones or tablets to go online and make transactions. The poor optimizations would make the customer shift to a different website or quit altogether. Other than design, the optimizations include webpage launch speed, images, and much more.

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Ignoring Social Media Presence

It is great if your business has its own dedicated website optimized for mobile and desktop. However, the internet age has bestowed us all with social media platforms where potential comes to rest. Marketing agencies focus on website development while completely ignoring social media optimizations and presence. This is where your potential customers fade away. The reach is extensive if the business plays its cards right. Therefore, social media is as important as websites, maybe more so these days. While there are many, these critical mistakes made by Digital Marketing agencies go a long way. These affect how a business looks at its customer and how it takes the changing trends to drive growth.

The Crazy Competition in the Marketing Agency Industry
The Crazy Competition in the Marketing Agency Industry

The Crazy Competition in the Marketing Agency Industry – How To Survive in the Noise?

The current global marketing agency industry has become more competitive, with most organizations, whether big or small, adopting modern strategies to stay ahead of the competition. However, technology has not made it more accessible since digital marketing has dramatically expanded the reach of businesses through platforms that enhance their visibility.

Most organizations have had to redesign their organizational strategies and integrate them with modern digital solutions to widen the target audience. As a marketing agency in an industry that has grown ten times more over the past decade, you must consider the following strategies to help you succeed over the competition.

Know Your Target Audience

Don’t be part of the 80% that lacks sufficient client information to design a successful marketing strategy. Apart from keeping tabs on purchasing patterns used by clients, there is a lot of relevant data you can collect to enhance the success rate of all your marketing campaigns.

In an era where a vast majority of the global population has a digital footprint, gathering their social activity data is vital when timing purchases. Digital tools like Facebook Analytics is an efficient and effective tool that provides insight into what triggers your customers to purchasing.

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Get To Know The Competition

It is crucial to understand how the industry and market operate by assessing what the competition is doing as an organization. This is the best way to learn about areas you can improve as a business and learn other ways of reaching customers within your line of business.

Once you have made improvements to your business strategy, the next step involves finding out what the competition has not done—identifying the one thing that has not been done and designing ways to integrate it into your business model. This will give you an upper hand and expand your target audience.

Make Your Message Known

Tell your customers what they benefit from your services that the competition cannot provide. This is achieved by having a clear, precise, and concise message that speaks directly to your audience. As a result, a more significant percentage of prospects and leads have not made up their mind when seeking a marketing service provider by directly informing you how to cement their trust in your brand.

Personalize every message to suit the specific audience you aim to reach to broaden your chances of increasing sales and client loyalty.

Target New Markets

Venture into new markets aside from the one you have established your business. There are numerous pools of clients in many different markets for you to reach out to. Maintaining the same market may stagnate your organization since you compete for the same customers as many other industries.

However, before leaping into new markets, conduct an in-depth analysis of the preparedness of your business. Although new markets may result in better and faster growth, switching without really being ready can lead to deterioration.

As you implement these strategies into your marketing model, remember to keep current customers engaged through feedback and enhanced experiences.

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Pay Attention To These Granular Metrics On Social Media

When measuring social media engagement, pay attention to these granular metrics.

The use of social media platforms during marketing is most important. It is the most efficient way to keep track of every campaign and its performance online. However, traditional marketing strategies provided a challenge when it came to keeping track of the progress made by; marketing campaigns, making it difficult to conduct a comprehensive assessment of performance, engagement, and improvement, among other vital factors to consider.

With social media, four vital metrics can help your organization keep track of how a specific campaign is doing by giving access to relevant tracking and measuring engagement. For example, according to a customer’s journey from prospect to an active participant, these granular metrics can help you assess the rate at which a campaign is converting prospects through client engagement.

Social Media Engagement Granular Metrics

Here are some of the key engagement KPI’s which can translate into your brand outreach on social media.

Awareness metrics

These metrics reflect the number of potential and current audiences on social media platforms. It informs you of the attention your brand has acquired online. This is mostly associated with the ‘Impression’ or ‘Reach’ statistics on social channels. Therefore, it is essential for businesses that regularly use social media to monitor their brand awareness through the number of users they reach and develop ways to either improve failing areas or increase high-performing sectors.

Pay Attention To These Granular Metrics On Social Media

Several social media metrics can be used to assess your brand awareness, such as impressions, links, shares, and mentions. For example, to keep track of the number of times users mention your brand, use a brand monitoring tool. This will give you an accurate and precise measurement of the traction gained across different social media platforms.

Audience growth rate

This metric enables you to monitor the rate at which your brand is acquiring new followers. Especially with increased Internet access across the globe. An audience growth rate helps your organization decide how to increase the rate at which new followers join your brand online.

Instagram Follower Statistics

Instagram Follower audience A

You can easily use this strategy. It will help you assess at what rate your competition is gaining new followers and develop ways to improve your own. Basically, by dividing the number of new followers by the total number of followers and multiplying it by a hundred, you can get the audience growth rate.

Potential reach

A potential reach metric provides you with enough details. It provides you with the approximate number of users who could view your post during a particular reporting period. For example, if one of your followers shared your post, a certain percentage of their audience is likely to consider it. There are increasing your chances of increasing followers. Thus, an effective way of gauging progress is through analyzing the number of people who can be reached by your post.

Social Share of Voice

Knowing what people are saying about your brand is vital in planning ways to improve your campaign strategies. Most businesses can keep track of both direct and indirect mentions online. These metrics help organizations measure their brand scaling with competitors.

These Four engagement metrics are some of the most important and influential in knowing your position on the online space. Online marketing is highly competitive, and without the necessary tools, it becomes challenging to keep up with rival brands.

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Is SEO a Dying Industry
Is SEO a Dying Industry?

The million-dollar question, ‘Is SEO a Dying Industry”. The short answer is: SEO isn’t dead or dying; it’s evolving.

While it is true that Google Ads has changed the game by adjusting its algorithms, they’ve also made it easier to reach target audiences through SEO and paid ads. Before Google entered the scene, your net had to be a lot bigger, and filtering through irrelevant data was more prevalent. Click rates might be going down, but online ‘niche’ marketing is on the rise.

Even though it is constantly changing, SEO is here to stay. With an estimated value of nearly 100 billion dollars, SEO remains one of the most important industries in marketing. However, that is not to say the same old strategies will get you the traffic you hope for. The way people search and engage with content has also changed. Now, outdated SEO tactics are sure to tank your online search rankings.

Will SEO Exist in 5 Years?

SEO may still be alive and kicking, but many marketing tactics and trends have gone the way of the dodo. Making smart changes now can keep your page rankings high and avoid future pitfalls.

Moving into the future, some smart SEO moves to implement:

  • Relevance and quality are kings. Spamming links all over the web no longer achieves the same impact it once did. Hone the quality of every post you make to keep it relevant and fresh.
  • Stop obsessing over the number one spot. Instead, make sure your tags and keywords reflect your specific niche.
  • Keywords are FAR less important than the value of the information you are promoting. Make your information as pointed and thorough as possible, so your content is the very last the consumer will need. Be the authority on your topic, and it will show.

 Is SEO Worth Paying for?

Yes! SEO is constantly evolving. To remain ahead of the curve, investing in your business’s SEO is a wise move. Having said that, make sure you spend your hard-earned money wisely by contracting experienced individuals and by seeking proven methods of SEO outreach.

Is SEO Better than Google Ads?

The point of SEO is to push your site high in organic rankings so that consumers searching for content and services will see what you offer first. On the other hand, Ads allow you to target particular keywords and phrases with a generated ad. People searching for those keywords and phrases will run across your ad if they are in your targeted market area.

To argue for one over the other is an exercise in futility. For practical business purposes, they are equally useful tools to help build and promote your brand.

How do you research a blog?
How Do You Research A Blog Post?

Studying to research a blog — and then writing it actually — can be intimidating, particularly if your blogging adventure is starting. However, research is a necessity for many blogs. Any post that contains specific factual statements relies on statistics or depends on information outside of common knowledge requires thorough and thorough research.


Research gives your content authority and the firm construction on which your content can stand for a longer period of time.


“Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.” – Wernher von Braun.


Here are a few steps you can follow to sharpen your research for your next blog article.


Planning the post you are about to write.

An idea begins in every blog post. Usually, a title or headline defines your idea. Therefore, the best way to start researching a blog post consists of identifying a strong headline idea or several variations on a headline idea. Your headline will help you plan the theoretical constraints of your article.


How do you research a blog?


Evaluating the idea

As you investigate, remember the all-important question: for whom and why would they care? This is not about creating a good response but about looking for real answers on the Internet. Readers don’t have time to waste reading useless content these days. Make sure your content is value-driven and provides some help to your audience.


In fact, a study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years. … This means we are all being fundamentally reprogrammed, regardless of age, to expect an answer fast and easy.


Looking for sources

It’s time to start creating the post itself after identifying your work headline and your audience, and your value-driven intent. First, consider the important elements that your claims need to support. At this stage, it’s best to start your contours. Add each subpoint to the outline and include any of the comments, data, or quotes you would like to support below. Then, you can go through the subheadings and complete the blanks as you write the post.


Completing the outline

Your outlines must not be enormous. However, what is needed is a list of all the key subheadings together with data and sources. The outline is the road map, skeleton, and foundational structure of your content.


If I Made a One-Page Marketing Plan For a Small Business, What Should I Include?
If I Made a One-Page Marketing Plan For a Small Business, What Should I Include?

One-Page Digital Marketing Plan

A detailed one-page digital marketing plan covering everything is great, but there are times when a little bit less is actually more. A one-page digital marketing plan can cover everything while allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Also, remember that the digital marketing strategy will vary from industry to industry. For example, a restaurant will have a different marketing goal than a B2B background screening company.

Nevertheless, there is a commonality in all marketing plans, which I will cover here in this blog.

For small businesses, here is what you should include in a one-page marketing strategy.


If I Made a One-Page Marketing Plan For a Small Business, What Should I Include?


What Should I Include in the Marketing Plan?

For starters, a one-page marketing plan is more of a summary than a detailed step-by-step paper. Approaching it with this in mind can help you stay concise and avoid rabbit holes. Focus on the big picture, and it’ll come together.

A title is always important to have. It keeps all your thoughts together and condenses everything in a few words. The next sentence or two can be about the service or product you intend to sell. Include how it affects your clients as well.

Writing down the target audience is very important, and you should make it clear who you are targeting. For instance, how is your product different from similar ones? Explain how in your marketing plan.


Planning for the Future – A Far-sighted Marketing Plan

Price, creative headlines, profit and loss, and special offers make up the next section of your marketing plan. These have to do with numbers, so you should have them calculated before setting things in stone. Other market information could also be included if you have some room.

Eventually, you’ll get to writing the goal down. Without a goal, your plan is likely to be aimless and confused. It would help if you thought hard about one and then harmonize everything.

You can include some other items: your budget, a timeline, and other plans relevant to the strategy. There are times when writing some extra details will help you form a clear picture.

For example, in the market information, you could write down a few threats and competitors to watch out for.

When you write your marketing plan, could you not write it without structure? Even keeping everything in tables and lists will make it coherent.


Types of Website Experience Elements – An Brief Overview


Why Should I Write a One-Page Marketing Plan?

A one-page marketing plan is often the first step and is definitely not the last. If you’re doing this for the first time, a short plan will easily allow you to make corrections and adjustments. However, with a solid plan, you’ll find getting started much easier.


Getting Your Marketing Plan Ready

With the help of a one-page marketing plan, you can start on a more detailed one. In turn, you can see your ideas and goals come to fruition. If you want to learn more about drafting your own one-page marketing plan, please visit our website today!


Five Reasons Why Email Marketing is Not Dead!


One Page Marketing Plan Summary

In summary, a digital marketing plan has to address the basic methodology on how to drive conversions and target the audience relevant to the brand.


If you still need more clarification, I am listing down few well-crafted templates of marketing plans. I hope these will give you a firm kickstart.


If you still have any questions, please connect with me on Instagram @ali.jaffar.zia or shoot a quick message here. 

How to Increase Instagram followers in 2021-2022
How to Increase Instagram followers in 2021-2022?

How to increase Instagram followers? Everyone is after this platinum question, and why shouldn’t they be? Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites today, with over 1,000 million users every month. Marketers and advertisers will find this user base an enormous opportunity. But it is not easy to establish a presence on Instagram and gain supporters overnight. This is a long process, but you will see the results sooner with a little help. Here are some recommendations to increase the number for your company of true and suitable Instagram supporters.


How to Increase Instagram followers in 2021-2022


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☂️ Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags is a well-tested way of reaching more people and gaining more followers on Instagram. It would help if you researched which hashtags are relevant for your brand and content in your niche.

☂️ Optimize Captions

The titles of your Instagram posts give you the opportunity and even urge you to contact your current audience.

☂️ Compelling Bio

Once you visit someone’s profile, the first thing anyone sees is your organism, and it makes a crucial contribution to the public’s first impression.

☂️ Monitor Your Tagged Photos

If you want to win and retain more followers, maintaining a good reputation is very important. One way is to keep track of what types of posts your brand receives.

☂️ Participate in Popular Conversations

This is the other side of the story to what we said in the last paragraph. You should not only instigate but participate in conversations.

☂️ Get Local

As is the case with local website SEOs, Instagram works with local hashtags and geotagging. The value of focusing on the local public for your business should not be underestimated.

☂️ Run a Contest

This may look like a cheap trick, but it is a tried and tested way of winning Instagram followers. Many companies and marketers use this technology, and the results are immediate.

☂️ Invest in Instagram Ads

Without mentioning advertising, there is no list of tips for more Instagram followers. After all, it’s the traditional way to increase leadership.

☂️ Leverage Influencers

Individuals with many loyal and committed followers are a quality that everyone covets in their audience.

👉 5 Key Points to follow for the Instagram Engagement Strategy in 2021

Learn more ways on how to increase Instagram followers and build a social media strategy for 2021. 

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Five Reasons Why Email Marketing is Not Dead!

People say that the era of email marketing is dead, but that is not necessarily the case. Instead, there is actually ample proof of the opposite.

Let’s take a look at how email marketing is not dead.

5 Reasons Why Email marketing is Not Dead

  1. The email will not decrease, but studies have shown that the number of emails sent and received daily increases. As many people are checking their email accounts, they will more often than not open their inboxes. Chances are, some of the emails they open are commercial emails.
  2. Many customers also prefer to receive emails from businesses instead of other communication methods. Statistics are showing that a majority will actively prefer to receive more promotional emails. This is further proof that email marketing is only growing, and it ties in with our next reason.
  3. Email is a Popular Choice for Many. These days, people believe that millennials hate using email, but that isn’t the case. In fact, many of them prefer to use email to communicate with businesses. They tend to use social media to interact with friends and family, as well. ANything digital falls under their comfort zone.
  4. According to Google, 75% of Gmail’s users are checking their inboxes on mobile phones, which means mobile email marketing can shine. Since phone users are checking more often, this increases the chances of commercial emails being opened further.
  5. Finally, advancements in automated email technology are helping email marketing grow. These emails sent out have recipients’ names on them. A Stanford Graduate School of Business study showed that emails with names are being opened far more often.

Trust in Email Marketing

Email is only on the rise, and email marketing will grow along with it. Email marketing is not dead, and it will only grow from here on.

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