Karma, Kindness & Customer Management

How kind do you want to be with your client or customer? Is there an ROI benchmark on the amount of sweetness you put in? If you are an agency owner, would you be willing to offer a free marketing service to get a lifetime word of mouth marketing from the customer? Would you be okay to clean a yard for your neighbor to make him friends for the rest of your life? Answers to all these questions depend on how you prioritize your goals and what you consider to be ‘true success.’ It also has to do with what you feel of humanity, Karma, and business culture.

I feel the role of Karma in business and customer management is more than we think. If you have ever been to a trade show, you might have seen booths offering free stuff to the visitors who stop by or sometimes who don’t even stop by. This is because businesses want to be remembered for something. That free item has a symbolic recall reference. This is also partly an appreciation of having good faith in business practices. In my personal experience of customer management over the years, I have literally seen karma taken over all logics.

With marketing getting digital, the ‘Karma-based sweetness’ transforms into a value-based digital appearance. Did you know 90% of the digital ads right now are sales pitchy? This, in my opinion, is absolutely a ‘crime’ in the world of modern relationship marketing. Digital marketing has gone one step ahead, and if you really want to get maximum advantage out of it, SOP SELLING and start educating your customers about your product/service. Follow the philosophy of being kind and generous when it comes to selling your services especially. As a marketing agency owner, here is my vision, which I love to share with my clients. We sell a service, not potatoes. When we take you on board, we take care of you, and you become family. Period. We don’t charge for small changes or anything that just pops up at the clients end. That’s one reason our relationship with clients’ have been great. We will go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is taken care of.

What makes you think that people are desperate enough to still engage with your sales-pitched social media ads. That’s very unkind. The digital consumer is the most literate out of all. According to research by HubSpot, 85% of the B2B customers will never talk to a salesperson on call before they had done their thorough internet research. How to deal with such well-informed customers? The only way to win customer’s hearts is kindness. It’s a win-win. If the customer does not buy your product/service, you get the psychic edge over to your next customer for being at a higher moral ground, which is always a victory and something that creates job satisfaction.

Your Kindness and benevolence with the customer will never make you feel low. It is a pride and is expressed through your body language for the rest of your lives.