New Realities Of Digital Media

The digital advert dynamics have gone through a crazy flip flop. Have you ever imagined you could get free advertisement? Well, now you can. Social media publicity is a form of free advertisement. Not everyone is capable to redeem it though. If you are a crazy individual or extraordinarily smart and you do something out of the norm, you will be on the local news in no time. If you are a business then learn from Tesla who gets onto the media with zero spendings. They plan and strategize every technological move and make it to the mainstream and social media without spending a penny on the advertisement. The news media covers Tesla’s amazing inventions and it gets an unbelievable amount of free advertisement worth millions of dollars.

The new ‘virality’ phenomenon on social media has changed the way how individuals aim to get popular. It has become a whole new industry where thousands of talented individuals are spending hours every day to build up their social following on the web.

Why are they doing this? Is this worth it? How far will personal branding take them? There is no specific answer to these questions but over the years we have seen many success stories emerging just through social channels. Social media influencer marketing has converted into a multi-billion dollar sector. Web search is the first solution that comes to mind when we plan to search for someone. LinkedIn URLs have replaced the hard version of your resume. Your Gmail account is probably your most secretive identity right now.  All these perceptions are the new realities of digital media. This is where the attention is and this is where marketers should focus on.