Tackling Facebook’s Recent NewsFeed Algorithm

Social media marketers can’t ignore Facebook’s recent news feed algorithm changes. The shift in the algorithm policy is considered to put a major impact on how future content strategy will be designed by content publishers. According to Facebook, the new algorithms will shift content direction to be more meaningful and useful for the users. If you don’t plan to upgrade your publishing strategy, you will witness a decrease in post reach drastically. For businesses who use Facebook as a major source of referral traffic, need to come up with an immediate Plan B if they want to successfully move forward.

What would be the primary strategy? How could we tackle the new challenge of decreasing post reach and diminishing web traffic? I did some research and found out that Newship conducted a study over the top publishers in January 2018. According to the study:

“ the top 100 English-language posts from just publishers and brand Pages, we saw that in terms of total engagements (likes, shares, reactions, comments), 98 of the top 100 posts in January 2018 were native videos.”

Is this trend shocking? Well, it shouldn’t be. Facebook videos have shown a great deal of success over the years. Now with the new algorithm, videos are going to become more relevant than ever. From January 2017 to January 2018 we have seen a 13.1% increase in video postings by top publishers.

Stats tell us that engagement over video content is roughly 400% higher as compared to text. In 2018, getting these videos to be shorter and more outcome focused would be like hitting the nail on the head. Videos should be used as an inspirational tool rather than a selling tool. We do want our audience to click our ‘call to action’, but the 2018 user is very well aware of online selling tactics. He needs and deserves to be given some value before we ask him to ‘BUY’.

Videos are awesome but a mix and match of different posing styles should be seriously considered in 2018 to tackle the new algorithm. In the first month, we have already seen this as a priority for top publishers. Facebook spokespersons themselves recommended posting as much and different types of content, as possible, so that our followers get more chances to find the relevant piece.

Another way to tackle the new algorithm is to post ‘question’ based content. For example,” What are your favorite teeth whitening brands?” or “Who is going to watch Superbowl tonight?” These post would be considered more relevant to Facebook’s new algorithm and you will definitely notice a higher interaction rate on such posts.

Evaluating your posts is very important. If you are doing 30 posts a week, try evaluating which posts have obtained more engagement (likes, shares, reactions, comments) and which have just gotten impressions only. You can measure these stats from ‘Insights’ tab on the Facebook page. For example, see an insights page screenshot below-showing engagement proportions for different posts.We can clearly tell which posts are doing better than the others.

Once you know which type of posts are getting better hits than the other, try increasing your posting frequency for such types. It’s a gradual process of improving content quality. By the end of the month, you will realize “WHAT DOES YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE LOVE ABOUT YOUR BRAND.”

I believe Facebook is making all these changes in order to create more sense and relevance to the platform, which is better for all of us in the long run. As a Facebook content publisher, don’t worry much about the new algorithm. You will still be at the top if you continue to post sensibly and imply the right strategy. Follow the above tricks if you haven’t so far. Hopefully you will see better results.

Thank you for reading and inbox me know if you have any questions.