Start Hustling With Gary Vaynerchuck!

All modern day marketers should know Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know him until this second, know him today by reading this article.

Commonly known as Garyvee, the New York bestseller author and host of the popular #AskGaryVee Show is no stranger to someone who lives in the binary world of digital media. Based in New York, he is actually all over the world. You won’t believe but one of his recent Vlog was shot in Ghana, Africa. He sure is a self-made businessman and a recognized smart investor, known for his famous social media trend forecasting but hates to be called a social media guru. His humble yet charismatic personality and the down to earth attitude sets him apart from his contemporaries. His dramatic energy level and outburst keynotes are admired all around the world. I call him ‘The Performer’.

The first time I heard about Gary Vaynerchuk was 2 years ago when my ex-boss and CEO of ‘Design Element’, Mr. Lucas Liu asked me to read Gary’s blogs and understand his vision for digital marketing. He believed this would help the company’s cause for building up a digital portfolio. I was no longer working in the same company as I had switched Jobs, but Gary Vaynerchuk traveled with me since than. I can’t say I have watched and read all of his Vlogs and blogs but I do try to follow him regularly. If you have a distorted career depression or a corporate decision confusion, Gary is your guy to listen to.

Gary is also the CEO at Vaynermedia, a $60 M high-end digital media agency. Gary has acted very smartly on the branding of the company. He is intelligently using his personal brand to save millions of marketing dollars for Vaynermedia. Gary travels all around the world, deliver keynotes, provide people with ‘free value’ and ideas, and in return gets silent recognition, authenticity, and publicity for his company. His ‘give give give and then ask’ agenda has changed the way how I used to think about customer service. Gary was one of the first few people to have a wine e-commerce store on the web in late 1990’s. And believe me, that was the time when having internet at home was not less than an achievement.

Why am I so crazy about Gary? Not because I want to work in Vaynernedia someday (Maybe) but because he helps me rectify my everyday business problems. Things I used to double think before are a matter of instance for me now. Secondly, he is as effective for new entrepreneurs like me as he is for experienced professionals who are having a hard time getting their numbers right or who want to make the most out of digital marketing. If you don’t know him yet, know him today and start HUSTLING today because he DAY TRADES ATTENTION!