The Recipe For Happiness!

The whole world is in the quest of happiness. Their means and perspective of happiness may be different but their goal is unified and that is to obtain ‘satisfaction’. What is interesting is how to identify a specified method of confirming the state of ‘happiness’. Some people might rightly object that is happiness a state, a moment or a continued thought process? I will give my perspective on this shortly. Also, I will try to keep this article as simple as possible to make sure the majority understands it and at some level it is helpful.

Anyone can get happy multiple times a day but he or she may not be able to segment or know what actually is generating the positive vibes. When the outside system syncs with your inside system, it creates satisfaction. We have named this feeling happiness. If you ask me in one line, YOUR happiness is defined by ‘YOU’. First, expound and analyze what you are and what personality characteristics constitute you. Every human is miraculously created differently. We can only deduct other peoples process of happiness to a certain level. Identifying your happiness traits is part of the self-actualization process and believe me, not many individuals go through this. Once you figure the cause and effects relationship behind your behavioral constituents, life becomes extremely simple and achieving satisfaction is like a piece of cake.

The recipe for happiness is about computing which parts of this vast universe complete us. Having all the amazing things in the world might not make you happy because all those fancy things might not be completing you. The process of deducting the right ‘happy elements‘ is a tremendously hard job. Once you do that at some point in life, pleasure moments turn into a snowball and they keep on rolling without any hassle.

One interesting relevance about the ‘recipe for happiness’ is that it keeps on changing with age and time. As we move on with life, we fight our impulses and our aspirations change. Likewise, standards of satisfaction also change. Note that the procedure of attaining happiness is never a fixed formula. It’s a sense of adapting to the changing needs of your personality and fulfilling yourself with the needs of your current time. As Jim Rohn says, “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present”.

It is impossible to predict happiness and it may not be accurate to judge its intensity from the events that already occurred in the past. The ‘black hole’ of the rapidly changing instances and unstable emotions will never let us settle on one deduction when it comes to happiness. Many internal and external factors of our lives play a role in establishing our personal ‘recipe for happiness’. How we feel, face, execute and interact with our surroundings on an everyday basis, actually sets the tone for how our thought structure would work and look like in the future. Be very cautious while you take the important decisions in life which may contribute to shape and de-shape your surrounding environment. This directly affects the unconscious constitution of your ‘recipe for happiness’.