Why is the customer always right?

Why is the customer always right? We commonly hear this tantrum from our sales and customer service teams on a regular basis. Even if they don’t use these exact words, their behavior and excuses are self-explanatory of their thought process. I interpret the scenario in this way. The customer actually might not always be right, so do not always take this statement literally, rather sometimes it is just a symbolic statement. The sole purpose of this statement, ‘the customer is always right’, is to establish a sense of customer-ownership inside the customer service and sales teams.

Just like it is the organization who aligns itself with the pulse of the market, and not the market changing itself according to the organization. Same way it is the sales team who has to align itself as according to the pulse of the customer. It may be anti-egoistic but that is the only way to profitability. Flawlessness and consistency at customer service are two key factors that automatically help a company boost their customer loyalty. If we can train our sales and customer service departments to accept customer complaints as their born rights and take ownership of all the generated cases wholeheartedly, this actually might act as a competitor crushing strategy.

Professor Siegfried, a research professor in the Department of Management Sciences at Stanford University claims that it costs six to seven times more to gain new customers than retaining current customers. Smart organizations invest in securing the current customers rather than spending thousands of dollars on generating new ones. Millions of dollars spent on marketing can actually be reduced if we spend half of it on our customer service training. Preferences! Period!