Learn digital, digitally – A word for students.

Like many other digital marketers, I have not taken any formal internet marketing training. Although during my MBA we were theoretically taught what types of internet marketing channels exist. Surprisingly, it is never taught in our schools on how to configure Google Analytics or how to optimize certain demographics for Facebook ads. I do wonder why they do not teach us practical stuff like how ‘Optimizely’ can help us keep pace with your customers’ constantly changing behaviors or how to read social media insights from the analytic page of the social website. These are questions interviewers love to ask while hiring digital marketers. Hundreds of practical tools like these are our real digital assets which make us competitive and help in finding a job quicker than expected.

Remember that your college or school education is just a measure of how good you are at following instructions. You are taught a prescribed course material and your exams are based on different trick questions evaluated from that course. This is why I always feel that listening to the teachers is very important during the class. They might be saying something which is not of the course outline and can create a huge difference for your grooming vision and career. Did you know what matters even more than your course content and mentor’s lectures? It is your personal research and self-study that you do when you are not following instructions under academic pressure. Learn digitally, explore the internet and surprise your teachers with what you know of their subject. If Google is your best buddy you don’t need a friend at any age.