The Journey

This is my first blog and I am wondering where to begin. I would never be able to tell my life story in these 250-300 words even if I was superman. Well, I will start this first blog with a principle which my life is critically based upon. The rule which inspires me the most is to ‘Stop complaining and start working’. The time we spend on complaining about negative events happening in our lives actually goes to waste. Even if half of that time is spent on making the odds happen and reformulating the failed policies, which in turn would drastically change our luck and destiny. The journey to discover the art of ‘not complaining’ is the first step towards a productive behavior. 

Another important journey I believe in and try to apply is to live in a perception-free thought. A thought which is based on facts and reality rather than sudden emotions. Being a science student in the past, I have learned that every object and process in this universe is trying to achieve a consistent state of ‘stability’. We, humans, being supreme creations, are also following the same principle. The difference occurs in individual definitions of stability. Whenever a challenging moment occurs, some people tend to choose the easier path and their peace of mind is their stability. Some define stability as an everyday process of struggle and hardship. For others, it would be buying the latest model of Tesla to show the world how stable they are in their life. All these are different perceptions and they might all be true depending on each person’s belief or life experiences. But always remember, ‘YOUR STORY IS DIFFERENT’. Therefore, keep the difference, do not dissolve your charisma due to other people’s opinion, secure your identity.

At this age of 30, I’ve come to realize that we are living in a world of relative perceptions. We all have the leverage to initiate our own life journeys and thought processes.  In this procedure, why don’t we set any benchmarks to equate our truthfulness? Have you ever thought what actually are the guidelines for defining our so-called ‘stability’? I mean there must be a source, a law, which can help us define our perceptions in the right directions. My life has been a quest in studying these relative perceptions and how they emerge and get impacted with the cultures and societies we live in. I consider this quest of unfolding social perceptions to be a lifelong journey.