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Welcome to my Website.

A bit about me

We, humans, are mighty beings, and 'switching on' our miraculous selves is solely dependent on our life journies. The method to achieve this madness depends on our priorities. I find myself indulged in this lifelong process of self-discovery, and I completely love it!

Life has been very kind to me, but it does not mean it was easy. Through the treacherous terrains of relationships to the masterful deceptions of fate, I have been strolling around, learning a new lesson at every footstep, every second.

I am a sidepreneur in my early 30's. You must be wondering what precisely a sidepreneur is? Well, a sidepreneur is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of his business while retaining a full-time job. Also, when you have multiple full-time jobs running simultaneously, you become a muti-sidepreneur. (Not ignoring being a devoted husband and a father of two beautiful girls and a handsome boy)

I was born and raised in Pakistan, moved to the United States in mid-2015's. I try to take advantage of everything I had learned through my diverse geographic exposure. While reading my website, you will see various functions of my lifestyle and how and what I have been doing so far. When your everyday work surrounds by passion, it creates its unmatchable charisma, and this is the charisma we will be talking about here.

From developing marketing and sales strategies for digital commerce to online social media platforms to getting my sleaves dirty in HTML coding and more, all lies under my professional domain. My inclination and dire interests towards philosophy, literature, economics, business trends, influential technology, and digital marketing make me a weird combination, but it's been worth it so far. This 'accidental combination' became my biggest corporate strength.

People who have shaped the person I am

Inspirational people are those whom you look up to when you are unsure in a particular phase of your life. These phases might come multiple times in your life, and thus you can have various inspirations.

So far, I have had three addictive inspirations who have educated and trained me in some way or the other.

  1. First and foremost, the person whom I look like and love the most, my father and spiritual guru Allama Zia Hussain Zia, a famous literary figure in Pakistan with extensive knowledge of religious interpretations, anthropology, and literature. I spent the most influential years of my life with him. Being an author of 35 books, he had the research and experience depicting the exact mix of all the colors of life. He trained me on how to interpret the emotional logic of the world. He empowered my decision-making capacities by conspiring a mix of culture, academics, and observatory science.
  2. Second, 'Imran Khan,' a cricketer turned politician, has been my motivational source throughout late teens. Commitment, game plan, passion, and devotion are some of my inspirations I have been receiving from IK. He is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but our notional relationship began far before that.
  3. The third person who impressed me the most was Gary Vaynerchuk. Indeed, this impact came in last, but it doesn't stand the least. I got to know him after I went to the United States. Gary's digital media and modern marketing vision inspired me so much that it directly affected my professional decisions. I would say, Garyvee has been a major virtual player in initiating my entrepreneurial journey. This person directly inspires my business vision for Digital Maxima. The spirit of creating practical customer value without return and being a digital marketing practitioner and handyman, all came to form Gary, which I will love him forever.

Writings & Aspiration

I believe that we write our legacy every day. What we do today is what we will be known for after we die. If you want to become part of the appreciated and respected history, it is essential to provide people with true value in whatever field you work. I desire to educate. Inspire and facilitate my audience so they can live a more meaningful life. Whatever they do, they should know why they are doing it. Life should experience, which leads to social contribution, satisfaction, and exploring the hidden realities of the time.

Here's a beautiful quote of Imam Ali from Nah-Jul-Baligah - the peak of eloquence.

"Be like the flower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it" - Imam Ali (A.S)

If you have read this far I am wholeheartedly thankful for your interest in my life and vision. Connect with me on my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) or through my Podcast or Vlogs.

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